8 year accreditation 6 met with distinction ratings

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Eight is suddenly one of my favorite numbers.  So is 2021…

 We received word that the Master of Architecture degree at SIU Carbondale was re-accredited for the maximum term possible, eight years!  Whoo hoo!

To brag a bit – Harvard University received five “Met with Distinction” ratings on the 32 Student Performance Criteria that the NAAB uses to review programs.  SIU Carbondale received SIX Met with Distinction ratings!  Some other comparisons – UIUC had 4, U of Michigan had 2, and Washington University STL had 5 Met with Distinctions in their last reviews.  Try not to talk down to anyone you know at those schools…

Thank you everyone for all the work each of you put into this effort!  It is always a team effort to achieve this kind of outcome!

Visit http://architecture.siu.edu/_common/documents/naab-vtr-2013 if you would like to read the Visiting Team Report.  It is now posted for public review as required by the NAAB.

I added this sentence to our web page about accreditation:  Next visit: 2021.  So now you know why I am suddenly so fond of the numbers 8 and 2021!  2021 seems so far away!

John K. Dobbins, Associate Professor, Head of Graduate Studies in Architecture



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Ed Bacon Competition – Philadelphia and driverless vehicles

See link:


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Spring 2014 On-Line Distance Education Course in planning stages

ARC 502-953 Architecture Seminar (on-line distance education)Architecture/
    Parking/Community Visions: Emerging Transportation Technologies and
Introductory video about the course:
Flyer for summer course 2013
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Tyler Cain 4th year arch design student in the news

See an article about the 4th year student presentations to the residents of Columbus, IN !


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Bucky Dome to be restored

The Bucky Dome is going out to bid!http://www.fullerdomehome.org/index.html

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New Book: The Car in 2035: Mobility Planning for the Near Future

Chapter The Evolution of Parking in newly released book: The Car in 2035: Mobility Planning for the Near Future, Edited by Kati Rubinyi.

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Received Federal Youth Build Grant

YB_SolarHse_McDonald (4)

Three professors from SIU School of Architecture: Shannon McDonald, Chad Schwartz and Laura Morthland are a part of this award with many other participants including the key visionaries: Retired Professor Robert Swenson and  The Delta Center in Cairo, IL.


See most recent information for the Design Build Research Collaborative

for more photos:http://www.flickr.com/groups/builder_book/

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